The Team

It’s a family thing, but our range of skills and experience is perfect for promoting your band. We’ve also been doing this for a decade already. Yes “old man” was promoting his three kids in a band in our village from the moment we wrote our first song.

Yes we have video of it, but NO you can’t!

Susana Hill

So Susana is the photographer and videographer. A graduate in digital Media and Photography from Sunderland University she’s actually been making images since she was just twelve… That’s already nearly ten years!

She also sings and plays the guitar, but to know that side of her will take a bit of booze and persuasion…

Thomas Hill

Now Thomas is the musician amongst us, he did his time at Berklee in Boston and is pretty handy on the guitar. He also drums, plays bass, records, writes and mixes.

To promote his own band he has become our resident merch store and Facebook guru. Don’t ask him about PRS and PPL though, at least not until you’re sitting down…

Daniel Hill

Daniel was the drummer for the band back in the day. Yes he can prove it, go to Camden on an open mic night…

He took a different course though, mechanical engineering. He graduated in Memphis USA, music city! which means he’s an ace at math, that’s data analytics to you and me!

Andy Hill

Then there’s “old guy”. He started out as the bands driver and roadie. That was preceded by a business degree, a couple of years globe trotting, and then a much longer stint of web development.

With one foot in the pre-internet world, the other has been in it for over 25 years. Believe us, he knows it all, it’s quite annoying!