What we do

In a nutshell we take pictures and video.

Having said that, as you no doubt know, it’s one thing to point your phone at something and take a pic or shoot a clip. No doubt you’ve done a bit of that and then met someone who has a nice looking digi camera and they did a bit of that for you too…

But even then, whilst the image quality improved, we bet you were still left thinking that somehow it still lacks the edge that would make your photos and video look pro.

What is pro anyway?

The thing is that most of us can actually see ‘pro’ level stuff, in your case it would be even more obvious when talking about sound or production, you can just tell. The problem is knowing how to take it to that next level.

Well stop. We know how to do it, technically and artistically. Like we said before, one thing is having an expensive DSLR camera that shoots 4K, but it’s a whole other ball game knowing about light, when to hit the button, and how to edit both photos and video.

What makes us different?

The thing is, even when you’ve mastered all of the technical stuff, and discovered you have a bit of talent for knowing when to press that button, there’s still a bit more…

That’s what makes us different. We don’t turn up, take some shots and record some footage and send it to you via dropbox. We get to know you a bit, spend some time, learn what you are about. Then we do what we do, with the goal of projecting who you are onto peoples phones and computer screens.

We take our work very seriously and we know that what we are actually doing is helping you transmit to the world who you and your band really are and how good you are at doing what you do.

Whether that’s prospective fans, current fans, labels, managers, whoever, if you want to impress and convey your true image online, then get in touch now!