Starter Pack


  • Band page on BandVue. Fully optimised and perfectly designed for your fans to keep up to date with you. 
  • Free hosting

Everyone needs to start somewhere and in today’s industry having a website is the utmost essential tool to engage and ultimately turn your band into a business and a success.

But we understand that websites don’t come cheap, so in order to help you get started we are offering to host your band page on BandVue. You will be able to customize your page and it will be optimised and SEO’d, so that no one ever gets a chance to click away and it is easy to find.

If you feel like you want to push your page online, check out our add-ons, which include among other things, a Facebook ad campaign catered to your budget, several social media management and maintenance tools and services.

    Starter Plus


    • Personalised website, fully optimised and SEO’d
    • As many pages as you like.
    • Blog 
    • Free Hosting
    • General maintenance

    If you have a bigger budget and want to take your band to the next business level, you can have your own website with your own domain fully optimised and SEO’d. With several pages available and the option for a merch store, an opt-in page, a mailing list, a newsletter and many more customizations.

    The great thing about having your own website is the ability to have your own merch store and to funnel all your customers through it in order to keep everyone together and up to date.

    If would like to ad a merch store, a landing page, a newsletter, or drive traffic to your site, check out our add-ons here.

    Minimum 1 year commitment required.

      Business Pack


      • Personalised website
      • Optimised for speed and SEO
      • As many pages as you like
      • Blog
      • Free hosting
      • General maintenance
      • Merch Store
      • Merch store maintenance and updates

      If you are ready for a website full of goodies for you to sell then this is the pack for you. This pack includes a fully customizable merch store, which can have as many different products as you want. We will take care of the maintenance and of adding as many products you like.

      Having a website with a fully functioning merch store, is a great foundation for your project to flourish in the business world and to start generating some income.

      But if you would like to drive some traffic to your site, add a newsletter for your fans to get exclusive emails, have a landing page for a campaign of any kind, check out our add-ons here.

      Minimum 1 year commitment required.

        Business Pack Plus

        • Mailing list
        • Newsletter
        • Facebook Pixel
        • Ad campaign management
        • Conversion analysis
        • Visitor tracking
        • Merch designs

        To further enhance your business pack we can also provide all of these extra services. The price of the Plus pack varies according to the size of the mailing list, frequency of newsletters and products in the merch store. Don’t worry though, we want to work with you so our pricing is insanely competitive.

          Add-ons and One-offs

          We are also available for specific services. You can hire photographers, videographers, directors, songwriters, instrumentalists, producers, mixing engineers…

          These services are all independent of the above packages. Pricing depends on the exact requirements. Get in touch and we can discuss details.

          • Social Media Management
          • Facebook ad campaigns
          • Photography (Live & Studio)
          • Videography (Live & Studio)
          • Showreels
          • Artwork Design
          • Professional Recording
          • Professional Mixing & Mastering
          • Demo Recording
          • Demo Mixing & Mastering
          • Session Musicians (Live & Studio)
          • Producers
          • Songwriters

          We also have our own studio that can be used for recording, rehearsing, videoing live performances, photography, live-streams, auditions etc…